About Me:

Chad graduated from the University of Cincinnati with degrees in Journalism and History, and has been published in the Cincinnati Enquirer, MetroMix Cincinnati, Patch, and others. As a student he was an editor and sports writer for UC’s award-winning newspaper, The News Record

He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and works in eCommerce as a marketing copywriter and serves as the President of the University of Cincinnati Bay Area alumni chapter in his free time.


About the Blog:

As a Cincinnati grad, I’ve wanted the best possible conference for my school. Like many in Bearcat nation, I salivated over the idea of UC landing in the ACC or Big 12. I wanted the big games, the national relevance, and my school’s athletic department to be financially stable. The media has led us to believe that the newly-branded American Athletic Conference was going to be a train wreck – flinging around derogatory terms like “Conference USA 2.0” (which I guess is better than “Big Least”?). The world has always been quick to dismiss the athletic, academic, and cultural impacts of this conference and realignment has made it worse than ever.


But reality has set in. The ACC’s grant of rights deal poured water on the fire that was conference realignment. And my Bearcats, at least for the foreseeable future, are going to compete in the American.

Once that began to soak in a little, the excitement started to come back; perception or not, this is going to be a good athletic conference. It might not be the Big East circa 2006, but it’s pretty dang good. The schools are large, recognizable, and have lots of upside. The conference covers a lot of territory. And the successes of the individual schools are often overlooked when damning the American. Mike Aresco patched together a nice-looking conference, and I can’t wait until it proves the doubters wrong.

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