ESPN Big East Blog Taken Down

If you need any more proof that the American is going to be treated like a second-class conference, look no further than ESPN. It started with the network offering the conference a whopping $1.8 million per year media deal (if it wasn’t so sad, I’d laugh), but now they’ve actually eliminated the Big East Blog from their website. Granted, the name Big East no longer pertains to this collection of teams, but instead of simply replacing the blog with the American Athletic Blog, they’ve taken it down altogether.

photo (11)

You could kind of tell this was going to happen for a while now. It seems like they always stick a new writer on the blog who clearly doesn’t want to write for it, then promotes them to a different blog months later. There was never any real continuity or passion for the conference – just some hungry journalists’ stepping stone.

But, like it or not, this was a great way for a lot of fans to get updates on the teams from this conference. Now it’s gone. I have no doubt the blog was still being read daily by thousands of fans, so I don’t think the reasoning was monetary. The network wanted to send a message that the American Athletic Conference is a clear step below the “Power Five”.


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